• Category: Video, online
  • Client: Vault Denim
  • Project: Fashion Consultant Opportunity Website
Company Description

Vault Denim was a direct selling company offering designer and fashion denim though home parties. distributors were typically stay-at-home moms who wanted to work without and have a career without leaving the house too much. The primary goal of the website was to present the sales opportunity to prospective fashion consultants.


Marketing and Branding Solutions

We developed a complete branding initiative, including a new identity, an ecommerce platform, print collateral, training videos and custom photography. We handled the entire communications program “soup to nuts.”

Creative Solutions

The folks from Ceiba created a series of videos focused on the latest in casual fashion for woman. The challenge was finding the right mix of professionalism and casualness. Vault distributors, called Fashion Consultants, offered jeans and other casual wear through home parties. The videos and website had to maintain that brand promise without appearing commonplace.



Vault Denim launched as a company in 2012 and boasted 15,000 distributors within two years and $20 million in sales.