Online Training


The state of Utah set a goal to reduce the cost of government by 25% within four years. We were  hired to create a name, a brand identity and foundational structure for the training program which would be the primary vehicle for training the employees to learn how to “work smarter, not harder.”

Training Curriculum

We were instrumental in helping the state develop the curriculum methodology and training materials. Training courses include print material, trackable online programs, live events and classroom sessions.

Website Development

The primary solution for training the 20,000 state employees was an LMS website. LMS is a software system for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses for training programs. Using the LMS we created a ubiquitous online program from the ground up, the first of it’s kind in use for governmental organizations. For more information please visit the website example here, www.rjewkes.com/gomb.

Video Production

The website and the marketing information were driven by numerous videos both as training, and informational pieces to help motivate state employees to access and complete the training. The LMS training program website contains a number of specifically designed videos to help users understand the complex curriculum. All the training and marketing videos were designed and produced by Richard Jewkes.