Brochures and Catalogs


Project Description

Vault Denim was a jean manufacturing and sales company based on the home party method of distribution. In addition to sales, distributors were also acquired at the home parties.

Strategic Goal

The home party industry traditionally employees in low-cost media using stock photography to bring the cost of the product below retail. Vault wanted to create a catalog for potential sales reps and customers that would present the product like large jean brands did in stores such as Nordstrom and Dillards.

The Problem

The entire success of the company was based on how well sales and sign-ups went at the home party. The jeans had to be high quality and attractive, but there was also a need for a compelling marketing kit to attract potential reps.

Creative Solution

To remain within the company’s limited budget the agency employed local models that were camera tested prior to the shoot. Our photographer has the ability to bring a high level of performance from each model which made the final photos look like a national fashion magazine.


The result was a product catalog that looked professional and gave the company the prestige of an international jean brand.