Advertising and Marketing

  • Category: Advertising, Marketing
  • Client: KRCL Radio
  • Project: Magazine Ads
Company Description

KRCL radio is a non-profit, member-supported public radio station dedicated to broadcasting a well-curated contemporary eclectic mix of music and community information 24 hours a day. Through music and stories created for a culturally open-minded community, KRCL is a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged listeners.

Strategic Goal

The station was losing marketing share, which included membership support, its primary source of operating capital. New and younger listeners were not discovering the station and instead were gravitating toward commercial radio. Founded in the early 80’s the station had a loyal audience of listeners 40 and over, but new listeners had to be acquired if the station were to continue its success. A new brand identity was developed along with a marketing campaign targeted at high school- and college-age listeners.

Creative Solution

The agency emphasized the variety of music offered at KRCL, both new and old, through an ad campaign that featured snippets of lyrics from artists that would appeal to younger listeners. People connect with lyrics. So the campaign featured lyrics and images that young people would connect with.


Over the two-year campaign cycle, both membership and market share increased and long-term goals were met.