Integrated Multichannel Marketing is Essential to Success

When developing a marketing strategy the whole is certainly more than the sum of its parts. That’s the essence of an integrated marketing plan. By coordinating messages across channels the results from increasing brand awareness, and eventually, brand loyalty, are far greater than when taking a less integrated approach.

Hidden Palms employed this strategy using a comprehensive video designed to reach a variety of audiences. The video can be seen on a television at the 506 Tennis Bar, Facebook, YouTube and the Hidden Palms webiste.

Defining Integrated Marketing

An Integrated marketing plan should include as many channels as possible to reach the widest audience. Digital media and the web have brought us the opportunity to share via social media (including user-generated content) and create immersive experiences on websites and in mobile apps. Ceiba can now personalize across ads, websites and email through techniques like re-targeting and website personalization.

Why Integrate Marketing Channels

Different channels have different strengths and weaknesses, and different types of content suit different channels better. Twitter is good for short, witty and pithy messages, YouTube is great for video content, and aspirational content works best on Instagram. So it’s wise to create messaging for each individual channel’s strengths rather than attempting to integrate all channels with the same design.

Customers don’t care enough to pay attention to all your different messaging, and by not using one clear communications strategy to amplify your brand, your message will simply be lost in the constant stream of content that all consumers are subject to every day.